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December 17, 2012

BY Chris Hamby 12/17/12

Normally, I don’t like to blog on here about what’s going on in our personal affairs and how the business side is working out, but for some reason, tonight, I feel as if I need to let something out there. I’ve answered A LOT of emails today asking about a lot of business ideals, contracts, disclosures, royalties, etc. I don’t mind this and am more than willing to help. What bothers me though, is that as I’m discussing these things with the authors, it seems as if other companies make the above issues more of an issue, instead of just something to worry about later.

When we came together, we decided on a principle. We are here for our authors, not for ourselves. We are in business, and it is a business, to help our authors succeed in a world that is not meant for fair play. We came together wanting to change the way things were done, change the way things were viewed, change the way publishers treat their authors. We realize that we are absolutely nothing without our authors, so taking care of them and ensuring a great experience, with lucrative royalties and good terms means more to us than a fat bank account.

We are Scribbcrib, and we are going to be different. Thanks for all of your great submissions and keep them coming. We are going to continue to work hard for you.

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