The Plot Thickens

January 19, 2013

As we inch closer toward our releases and the finals i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed on legal stuff, I would like to extend some thanks before I continue on with this post. Thanks to Valerie and C. Roper for their tireless work getting things ready, from covers to marketing and other things while Daniel and I put the bow on the finished product. And, thanks to all of the authors for sharing in the vision.

The authors really are the backbone of this operation. We are striving to make you all successful. Our marketing gurus are tirelessly plugging away at different ideas, pushing random buttons and tossing ideas around, all in the name of pushing the works to bigger and better things.  With that being said, three more of our works are being previewed tonight.

Lunatopia by Ty Welsheimer is a stunning tale about the end of the world and an alien’s attempt to save humanity. By selecting twelve individuals to take part in some off the wall tasks involving four, very different by familiar, scenarios, Lunatopia grabs your attention from the start and promises not to let go until the stunning conclussion.

Chronicles of a Lesbian Bartender by Kim Hancock is not what you think by reading the title. I mean, yes, it is about a lesbian bartender and her life, but it offers much more about the trials and tribulations of love and romance, breaking the wall and shattering the borders of some in society. This great work will captivate your mind and let you into a beautiful romance between two people.

And finally,

Crimes and Secrets of a Desperate Dad by Steven Mayfield is a true life story about the Long Island Bank Robber and his fall from high society into a life of crime. As seen on television, this story is riveting and captivating and will be a page turner until the very end.


Thanks again everyone. More updates to come, but stay tuned for solid release dates and more.

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