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December 29, 2012

Good Evening Everyone!

As the final days of 2012 come and go and we begin 2013, ScribbCrib is proud to announce several titles that will be up for view within the upcoming weeks.

First off, we will be launching our newsletter which will include company information, previews and teasers for our future works, and information on what our current works our doing. It will also provide more information on the workings of our company as well as other great information on how your works is doing and how everything is coming together.

Second off, hopefully with the help of the lawyers, we will begin launching our works on January 15.

We’re very excited about The Spark. Currently, sitting at 12 authors, The Spark is an anthology devoted to our new authors and their smaller works. Going from genre to genre and centering on our authors talents, The Spark will allow readers to see how immensely talented our authors are and will hopefully become lifelong fans of their works.

The second anthology we are releasing concurrently with The Spark is called Launch. Where The Spark is geared more toward shorter works with several authors, Launch consists of only three authors with much larger works.

Finally, the third anthology is a poetical anthology, called Verse. With the many poems submitted to us, it only makes sense for us to start putting an anthology together to show off the styles and talent of many poets.

With all of the short works coming to us, we have also had many longer works. Several very well written novels have been submitted to us. We have much more information to follow about the novels. Lunatopia is incredible and will be a great read for most anyone and Crimes and Secrets of Desperate Dad will keep you entertained for hours, but no time for spoilers now. See you all soon.


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