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March 26, 2013

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I’m Steve Wright a writer for Under The Sea Magazine and I witnessed what would become the biggest story in the history of deep sea recovery. It altered the Earth and my life forever.

The March 2011 9.0 Quake produced more than a huge tsunami, it led to a discovery that may have caused the end of the world as we know it.  August 2015 five hundred miles away from the Japanese coast Salvage divers brothers Lars and Hans Soldmh are testing out new deep sea diving suits, when they find a huge circular shaped object on a sea shelf. It appears to be a dome top with the bottom wedged in a crevice. Talking to each other with helmet walkie-talkies Lars remarks, “You know what this looks like?” A flying saucer.” Hans nods in agreement. “You there on the boat.” Lars shouts. ”Send down the camera. I want this on film. With the videos recorded the brothers surface to get this out to the media immediately. This was where I come into the grand picture. I hitched a ride on a Japanese  Salvage ship, when the photos hit the internet, when we got there was already a crowd. We kept our distance

The site is swarming with Naval and other exploring ships floating over the discovery site. U.S. Navy ships are the first on scene and encircle the area. A two man submarine is already around the craft trying to take samples. However, the task is proving to be difficult. The drills keep breaking unable to penetrate the craft’s hull. With the permission of the U.S. a small Russian sub has joined the hunt. It too fails to get through. A decision is made to raise the U.F.O., but who gets to claim ownership brings out a dispute among the Americans, the Russians, and newly arriving China. The U.S. has the upper hand because they have more ships and fire power than the other two on scene and signals them to stand down. But, the Russian and Chinese fleets refuse to budge. This was too big of a discovery and patience on all sides wears thin.  What happened next floored me big time scaring the life out of me and I assume it scared the other media of reporters and camera operators. Military choppers were on scene as well.

Without warning a round flew over the bow of an American frigate and the battle begins. Shots started coming from everywhere. This time they find their marks. Deadly fire and smoke shrouded the fleets wounding sailors and damaging the ships. War had broken out. This was bad with the worst yet to come. Not wanting to be caught in this the civilian ships including my ride pulled away from the hostile actions.  The shooting went on what seemed to be forever. Then dead silence. The powers that be must have decided starting World War III was not a good idea. A truce was declared. The next step, how to bring the behemoth from deep up and what to put it on. The Navies sought the aid of the commercial salvagers on scene.  Lars Soldmh the discoverer of the craft with a pained look spoke first. “We have to bring in the biggest and strongest wenches and cranes for this or we’ll never get up here.” You going have put floaters under it too, it’s one huge S.O.B.” We were warned that it was going to take some time before all the equipment arrived from everywhere, it was going to take a lot of hardware. “We’re going back to Tokyo”. The captain of the salvage ship I was on. So to make sure I was kept in the loop I went to see an old friend with the Navy Times Magazine former Navy Chief Larry Grimes. He happened to be vacationing in Japan and we suppose to meet for dinner anyway.

“Hello Steven”. He said greeting me in the lobby of his hotel. If you’ve been to Tokyo You’d find quite a few American owned hotels and this was one. It still had the Asian flair, but with a Western flavor.  Putting my hand out to him I replied. ”You’re the only one who calls me that Chief”.  “ Shall we eat.” “Let’s do Chili’s”. He suggested pointing to it as we walked down the street. “Okay Steven”. You want something, what is it”? “To be honest Chief, I liked to be in on it when they bring that space ship up”. I figure you can take me on as a Temp.” “I don’t see why not. I’ll put the paper work through tonight.” “That’s great Chief. It’ll be a few days before the monster cranes anyway so let’s enjoy the night here.”  Sounds  good”. He answered. As we dove into our food, I had taken only a few bites and then I saw this vision  of a Japanese beauty coming over to our table. “Tomiko, what brings you here”? The Chief asked. “To say hello.” She said in perfect English.  That’s not unusual in Japan. The schools in the Land of the Sun teach their students English along with other languages. Some the U.S. doesn’t do well. Yes, they teach French and Spanish, but most students in America don’t speak it fluently.  “Hey Steven”.  You still with us?” I know I turned seven shades of red. I was lost looking at her lovely black hair. I’ve travelled everywhere, met lots of women, but this lady captured my total attention. “Oh yeah.” I said with  some embarrassment. Obviously she was interested too. “I’m Tomiko Osaka.” She said “Nice to meet you”. Was my return. “I’ll finish the Introduction for you Steve” the Chief offered.” Tomiko is a research scientist for NASA and Steve is Deep Sea journalist. Apparently, you’re both going at the recovery of the flying saucer.” “I like that. I said a little too readily. “This should be interesting.” She replied. “I’ll see you there, Steve.”  We all said goodnight and went on way. Having Tomiko at this assignment was going to be great. This must have been my lucky job because while walking down a Tokyo street Tomiko was getting into a taxicab. “Need a ride?’ She said with her beautiful smile. “Why thank you.” I replied crawling in next to her. I really didn’t need a ride, but I wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity. “Being a scientist must be an interesting occupation.” I said. “It is. You really get study the ways of the world through science. Being a deep sea journalist has to be exciting as well, Steve.” I was taken by her soft voice and remembering my name was great too. “I like it.” The ocean is so alive.” I remarked. “There is something different about it every day. But, this assignment is the biggest thing in my writing career. Who could imagine finding a space ship?” That is true.”

Tomiko answered. “I hope it is real.” “If it isn’t, somebody went to a lot of trouble to stick way down there.” I couldn’t help but laugh. She had that presence any one would love. I know I did.

We arrived at her stop and we got out. I was so lost in her eyes it took another moment to notice her petite and very shapely body from the neck down. Here’s hoping she likes me too. I prayed. I guess she did when Tomiko said. “Would you like to see my place.” “Oh yeah.” Was my response and I felt a little stupid for being so quick.  Fortunately she seemed to like it. In Japan you won’t find chairs in the living room, they sit on cushions. It wasn’t a geisha house either although geisha houses are well respected with their silk woven walls, Tomiko’s place had real walls and kitchen. “You live alone?” “Yes I do.” She said. “I make a good salary and I enjoy my privacy. And you?” “I have to.” I replied. “I have assignments all over the world. My home is a hotel room where my story is.” “I take it there isn’t a Mrs. Steve then.” She said with an inquiring look. “No, in my line work, I don’t think a woman would like it having me gone all the time.” “Maybe be so.” Before I could say another word we were in an embrace kissing with me unbuttoning  the back of her skirt. Love was here and now. We went with it. I never went back to my hotel until we both got the call to ship out that week. We were booked on an oceanic ship. Unfortunately in separate cabins and we both had jobs to do. So romance was out on hold.  Arriving on Station as they call it in sea talk I saw the largest flotilla of Naval and civilian ships from more countries than I could imagine. What a sight. Two aircraft carriers, five destroyers, eight floating giant cranes, wenches, diving boats, and Mini subs were sharing this one location. I had to remember, this was the biggest find ever. It’s going to sound funny, but an army of deep sea divers including Lars and Hans Soldmh were on hand. Admirals and Chief Science experts called all involved together. A U.S. Navy Admiral did the talking:” Our plan is to send down five mini-subs and twenty divers to put the crane slings under the space- craft to bring to the surface. First we’ll have to test the weight of the object as well as possible underwater. We must make sure the cables are strong enough to lift it. Make no mistake, you all know that deep sea recovery is always a risk and can be very dangerous. All divers will directed by one voice with everyone knowing the language being spoken. All the nations involved have signed off on this. We’re hoping the craft doesn’t breakup after being down there for who knows how long. Do not take risks. If that thing slips or shifts at all, get the F—k out of there? I know that is strong language, but this is no ordinary salvage job. “I’d recommend we put balloons under it, Sir.” Lars interjected.”  Well noted Lars. We have seven blimp size floaters to put under them. “Where are you gonna put it?” Lars added. “On one of the carriers.” The Admiral answered. “No good.” Lars shot back. “We have no idea if one will do the trick. That son of bitch is big!”  That brought laugher from many including me. I had to admit. Lars knew his stuff. “Put’em together.” He said. “But there are planes on one ship.” The Admiral replied in some what bothered manner. “Move’em Admiral. Ain’t there more storage below.” “Okay diver, I surrender.” We’ll move-em.” It was the first time I saw a lowly civilian upstage a four-star Admiral. The jets were stored below on one carrier with the other drawn alongside the other  tied together and both weighing anchor. I was allowed to be on one the carriers to my luck Tomiko was there with the science team. She broke away from group of eighty scientists to join me as I stood on the starboard wing of the bridge. It was a beautiful day. The sun was in its glory shining a golden hue on the deep blue sea. And having Tomiko there made all the more beautiful. “Funny.” I remarked to her. The very reason we’re here is because of what fell out of the sky.” “Funny if not bizarre .” She added. “We live under the Solar System and above the sea. There is still so much we don’t know about either.” “Point well taken.” I said. Our conversation was interrupted by the P.A. (Public Address System) announcing the assembly of twenty divers on one of the destroyers clad with in heavy pressure suits and steel helmets waiting to drop into the deep blue. They would communicate through radio lines with the subs, the topside tower on the destroyer and themselves. They couldn’t have asked for better weather. The ocean was calm, the waves were small, and no storms predicted for miles. Suddenly I got an eerie feeling running down my spine. It was one of those things where something is just too perfect. The whole episode was strange. Here  I was witnessing earthlings about to pull up interplanetary vehicle. I had Tomiko there although she returned to the science group. I should’ve felt excitement, instead of a queasy stomach. I brushed it aside to contrite on my story. The mini subs were deployed followed by the divers dropping into the water one by one. We were allowed to hear the divers and subs talk to each other over the loud speakers on the ships. The divers talking from the helmet radios sounded like they were in box, but you could hear them well enough.

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