Preview: How Pot Helped a Fat Man Lose Weight Part 1: Nice Guy Nicky and the Valentine’s Day Quest

June 19, 2013

How Pot Helped a Fat Man Lose Weight Part 1 Nice Guy Nicky and the Valentine's Day Quest Cover

The Chicago Bears


12-30-12, Sun


Nick read a good article in Parade Magazine that came inserted in his Sunday Chicago Tribune about Al Roker’s struggles with weight. He actually gained 40 pounds of his weight after having bariatric surgery. Nick didn’t even know that was possible. Roker ended up losing the weight and keeping it off by changing his lifestyle as it related to food. That lifestyle change was precisely what Nick was aiming for on his Valentine’s Day Quest.


But today was a day for the Beloved, The Chicago Bears. As an avid team follower since he was about eight years old, Nick had experienced many more disappointments than triumphs. Today, if the Bears beat the Lions and the Packers beat the Vikings, the Bears would be in the playoffs.


Because of the importance of this day for the Beloved, this Sunday was a partying day (as were all of the days during the ramp up to January 3rd). His wife made homemade waffles for breakfast and pork chops for dinner.


Nick really didn’t want to go but at about 11 a.m., he began the short drive to the gym for the 3rd of his 3-days-a-week workout goals. He almost turned around—forget about that—he actually came pretty close to not even getting in the car what with the ¼ of an inch of snow on the ground (less than that has caused burly men to stay put).


But he went. As always, he looked around for the fattest guy in the gym. As always, it was him. (Why are all of these thin people in here? Oh… right, that’s why they’re thin, Nick thought). Nick decided on 20 minutes on the elliptical, got his iPod going and went to work on level 7 (truly, though, all the levels felt like level 1. The machines need recalibrating, he thought).


Anyway, once he got to about 18 minutes he felt a sudden surge of something (endorphins, testosterone, or more likely, shock) and decided to go the whole 30 minutes. Once he was there, he felt he could have gone more but alas- the Bears were coming on. The Beloved trumped fitness. But could fitness actually feel…gulp…good, he wondered?


The Beloved in their typical Bear-like manner, of course, won, but the Packers lost so no playoffs. Another season of aggravation, thought Nick. But even as that ebbed, not to return until September of 2013, the Valentine’s Day Quest began taking shape.


Plank One- No scotch or alcohol- sub pot, if necessary

Plank Two- Go to the gym a minimum of 3 times per week for at least 30 minutes of cardio


New Year’s Eve


12-31-12, Mon


Whether you’ve wandered a weary or wondrous mile, 2012 is only a touchstone now.

So, open the next, precious 365 boxes slowly each day.

Let them be filled with richness, ripe relationships and a few, cool jingly, jangly things! Steve Mayfield



Water, Nick thought. If he could get back to drinking 100 ounces a day like he did when he got to his slimmest self (188 lbs!) in 2004, that might help. So the last two days he did that, starting the day with a good 12 ounce tall boy. He felt pretty good after he gulped it and before he had to rush to the bathroom.


He probably felt a lot better than the U.S. Congress still struggling to compromise on this New Year’s Eve, he thought as he watched CNN.


“Biden, McConnell engaged in furious negotiations” read the TV screen. Furious, well, that sounded promising, thought Nick.


On this wonderful New Year’s Eve, Nick and his wife, Nina, planned to have a toast by Lake Michigan this afternoon and splurge on a steak and lobster dinner-. Unfortunately, a nap would probably be necessary to stay awake until midnight.


Nick felt so good he decided to do 30 minutes of cardio, getting a jump start on his three per week. He spent the evening with his lovely wife, Nina. They rang it in with a bang with wine and champagne after soaking in the hot tub.


They didn’t get outside though. Too darn cozy inside by the fire.


As Nick watched CNN for the New Year’s call, he couldn’t help but wonder why Kathy Griffin always co- hosted with Anderson Cooper. He could forgive crass and rude but not unfunny.



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