Preview: A Thief in the Night

May 16, 2017

A Thief in the Night Cover

“Girl… you may want to make your leave.” Grem tilts his head towards the entrance where two dogs entered, the blue uniforms and metal badges immediately announcing their presence. It wasn’t their clothes or their badges that made Shard nervous, her violet eyes immediately fell on their batons. She had been on the other end of one of those and had no desire to do so again. Damnit, they are going to search everyone here. I knew they’d be here, but I thought that damned dwarf would’ve arrived an hour ago. On time. Thought he wanted this rotten amulet. She removes her hand from the bar and takes a deep breath. If she could have left she would have, but Shard knew making a speedy exit would merely make her their first target. She had seen dog’s search the bars patrons before, but until now she had never had what they were looking for in her pocket.

“Hush, they don’t know nothing about me. “ She murmurs. The lord had not gotten a good look at her as she dashed out his window. No, at most he would have only seen her backside and Shard was not foolish enough to wear the same clothes again. The brown trousers and green shirt she wore now did not resemble the black garb she had worn before. “I covered my face, they don’t know what to look for. They are just sniffing right now.” She mutters low enough only Grem would hear, the barkeep nods,

“I hope you have an exit plan girl.” Not yet, but she will. Shard has not gotten this far in life by being stupid. Damnit, damnit. Okay, the doors a no go and I can’t slink up the stairs. Backway leads to a dead end. Damnit.  She turns her back and takes a long swig of her ale. They got here a lot faster than I thought they would. Damned dwarf. This is all his damned fault. No one will be home my ass. A heavy hand shakes her out of her grousing.

“ Excuse me, we are looking for information about a necklace that’s been stolen.” Shards eyes immediately shot up to the dogs face. He was a younger man, face framed with brown hair, warm hazel eyes, human, but most importantly Shard did not recognize him. He must be new. Before the younger dog could say more his partner interrupted him, “You don’t have to be so nice to them, ‘especially this one. Look at her ears. Half elf filth.” He grins looking at Shard pointed ears and dirty skin. “Figure that out on your own?” She mutters darkly, if her tanned skin, pale hair, and pointed ears didn’t give her away, the fact that no true elf lived in the slums would. They were classier than that. True elves either lived in the forest far from here or in high society where their beauty and wits got them anything they wanted. Shard had to make do with what she could here, but, she grins to herself, she still got what she wanted.

“So lovely to see you again.” Shard says harshly looking at the older man, “I ain’t seen no necklace. You think any man is giving me pretty baubles?” She leans against the new dog with a grin, hand deftly slipping from her pocket to run down his chest, “unless the young lord’s dog wants to give me something nice?” Her slender hand runs along his trousers, eyes


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