Previews: The Peace, Shadowsworne: Chronicles, Honeysuckle Bend, and Verse

January 14, 2013

Before we begin, I want to thank everyone for your continued support as we near toward our launch. This has been a great experience and all of your enthusiasm and patience has been great for me and the rest of the team here at Scribbcrib. Feel free to find us on facebook and like us, or, you can follow us on Twitter @scribbcrib. You can also follow me personally @scribbcribChris.

The title says it all. With our launch of our works very close, we feel it is time to start rolling out what we’re working on and what’s on the horizon.

The Peace, by Bill Norton is set in the future and is a part of the science fiction genre. At the conclusion of a three centuries’ long intergalactic war, hero Colonel James Abbott returns home for an uncomfortable existence with a family that he barely knows. However, someone or something from his past is targeting his family, and it soon becomes evident that the battle may not be over.For those of you who love the science fiction genre, this will be right up your alley, while those of you wish to branch out into different areas, this will be a great start.

Shadowsworne: Chronicles by Alex Virault is a low fantasy (as in, no magical use or dragons or anything like that) work set in a old style world, full of swords, crossbows, and other medieval style weaponry. The story follows a group of villagers who have to rescue their own from an accident and end up exploring a world that they’ve never known, or at least think that they haven’t, and find a world at war with an oppressor state entrenched with dark and treacherous past.
This work is long and is a part of an ongoing series, so if you enjoy deep, epic style works, this will be something meant for all of you.

Honeysuckle Bend by Cyrus Gaites is a very honest, down home story about the struggle of a man sentenced to two years in a Texas Prison, forced to live amongst hardened criminals. The story follows his time in the prison, listening and learning from his fellow inmates, helping him grow as a person and dealing with the struggles that come with a Texas prison.Personally, this work is brilliant and very well written. Cyrus Gaites is a very talented young author who has a very promising career in front of him. Honeysuckle Bend is a great read for anyone, regardless of genre preference.

Verse is the first collection of Poetry released by Scribbcrib Publishing. It will feature several poets, many of them in their first publication, and showcase their talents and abilities. Some of them will also be featured in The Spark, the anthology of short works that will be released simultaneously. These authors are new, fresh, and full of great ideas and stories that are sure to captivate your attention and keep you entertained.

Once again, thank you everyone for your continued support. More previews like this are to follow in the coming days as we continue to push toward the release. Thanks again.


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