Frequently Asked Questions

November 20, 2012

Q. What is ScribbCrib?

A. ScribbCrib is the distribution site for ScribbCrib Publishing, an online publishing company that specializes in online distribution of media.

Q. What kind of works will I be able to view on here?

A. Any type of work, ranging from fictional works to nonfiction, educational and biographical works to how-to works on cooking, building, and other helpful tools. Graphical and other literary works are also made available here.

Q. How do I purchase works on here?

A. All of our works are made available to purchase and immediately view on your computer, tablet, or other electronic device. Currently, we accept PayPal for all of our purchasable works.

Q. Are there any works available for free?

A. Absolutely. Every month, we offer free works for anyone and everyone to view. We also offer free previews of many of our works in our Deals and Freebies section.

Q. What if I want to create a work?

A. We accept all submissions through our Submissions page.

Q. I purchased a book on the website, but now my login no longer works. I need an invoice.

A. With the recent change to the website, the store feature has been removed and products are now available on If you need an invoice, we still maintain a file for sales. Fill out the Contact Us form so we may assist you further.

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