God is NoWHere: Before My Eyes

May 22, 2017

Questioning yourself and your faith just after your fly through your car windshield is probably not the best way to spend the last few minutes of your life. But here I am. My face flat against the ground in a puddle of muddy water, my hair damp from the rain pounding against the pavement, and my body steadily curling up as pain envelopes me. I’m not ready for this. No one is. I need to talk to my Mom before I go…I have to…

God is NoWHere is a series of stories exploring man’s relationship to his/her religion. How faith can see us through the most dire of circumstances, and present us with new challenges that test our commitment to His word. Sometimes enlightenment can appear at the most unexpected times.

  • Author: Leslie Hawkins
  • Publisher: ScribbCrib Publishing
  • Language: English
  • Word Count: 6000

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