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November 8, 2012

Chris Hamby
Co-Founder and Executive Director of Creative Media

Ultimately, I want ScribbCrib to alter the perception of publishing and distribution. I want to break away from the old rhetoric and enter the new age, leading the way and creating our niche in entertainment, creating a way for a new generation of authors to be seen by the world. I want to be able to introduce the world to the next generation of breakthrough writers and artists, showing off their talents for all to see before the corporate world can take them over.

My advice to artists is don’t stop. No matter how many walls you run into and how many fiery rings you have to jump through, always keep looking for ways around or through the obstacle blocking you from achieving your dream.

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Daniel Hartmann
Co-Founder and Executive Director of Business Development

My job is to oversee the growth and development of the company to ensure that it provides long-term value for the authors, customers and investors.

I hope that we will be able to change the structure of the publishing industry through ScribbCrib. I believe the best way to describe our goals is with a quote that has been attributed to many including Daniel J. Boorstin and Steven Hawking. “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” With the current business model of the publishing industry, many viewpoints are left unspoken or hidden from the public’s view due to the publisher’s concerns about profits. Through our creation of a new model that gives more choices to the consumer, we can dispel these illusions of knowledge by allowing authors who were once silenced to finally be heard.

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Valerie Timberlake
VP of Marketing and Web Development

My hope with ScribbCrib is to create an environment for authors and artists to be able to communicate openly and allow their works to be published without any hassle. I’ve been through the process of trying to get a book published. It’s a tedious, expensive process. I must have spent nearly a year working with a publishing house, only to have to drop the project due to lack of funds. What most people are unaware of is that with publishing a book, you end up having to pour your money into it if you can’t find an investor. And for first time writers, getting an investor is incredibly difficult, if not impossible.

When I first heard of the idea of ScribbCrib I thought “this is perfect!” Independent artists and writers need a place where they can publish their ideas without the hassle, and without needing to pony up money from their pockets. I hope to see this develop into the type of community that independent artists want to go to, to be seen.



Chris Roper
VP of Content Development

Avoid clichés, a college English teacher once told me writers sometimes use clichés without knowing the real meaning behind them, they use it thinking they know what it means, in the sense of saying something like “shooting fish in a barrel” that isn’t your own words. Even if you might know the meaning behind it, it’s better to produce words of your own meaning rather than putting clichés into your work.

For artist treat every page equally regardless of how many panels or what each panel may include treat each piece of art you put into your drawing with the same passion as you did with the last. When setting up deadlines never overstretch your own talents and always leave time to look over what you did and make any final tweaks before finalizing it. Always practice, if you are ever with the thought that you would like to produce multiple stories then make sure that you can develop the skills needed to produce both stories with the same amount of skill between the two without having one or the other falter in terms of drawing technique or the story itself.

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