Publishing FAQ

December 24, 2012

What type of Publisher are you?

We are a more traditional publisher in the sense that we have no upfront fees that are associated with self-publishing, but are modern in how we distribute our works.

What percentages are paid out in royalties?

The percentages paid out begin at 25% and will rise to 45%. The royalties are based off of the final sale after the store expense.

How will my work be distributed?

All of our distributions happen in three phases. The first phase is an online release on our website, We release here first to test the market, changing the price slightly and watching the number of hits and “potential buys (those are clicks that don’t purchase).” Once we have the data we need, after around a four to eight week period, we will move the work over to phase two.

In phase two, we will release the work on several online bookstores. We will still prefer that they purchase the work directly from us; however, it will be made available in many public domains.

In phase three, we release the physical copy of the work. If the work has proven to be successful online, we will consider releasing a hard copy.

Why do you use release on the internet first instead of simply releasing as a paperback?

With the cost of printing works rising and the demand for printed works shrinking, it doesn’t make good fiscal sense to go ahead and release a work into paperback. With that being said, we will release physical works that have proven themselves to be great sellers on our site and other web stores.

What is the difference in online retailers? Will my percentage be different?

Unfortunately yes. Each online retailer sets a different cost for us to distribute the work in their web store. Ultimately, this changes the size of your percentage. The best solution is for people to purchase the work in our web store on our site, where we have no overhead of our works. You will maximize your royalties there and make a better percentage.

What do you do with smaller works?

Smaller works are our specialty and we can do with them what no other publisher can, or will do. We are constantly building anthologies for our authors to publish their works in, with new ones coming out regularly. They are divided by style, size, and authors. We also still pay royalties on anthologies, something many other publishing companies will not.

How are royalties distributed on anthologies?

On an anthology, the royalty amount will be set and not fluid, like the way we do with our novel authors. Once the amount is set, the royalty is divided up over the number or pages the author contributes to the work. For example, if the anthology is 100 pages and after outside seller fees sells for 1.00 even, and the royalty percentage is 40%, then the royalty amount is $0.40 for the entire work. If someone were to contribute 20 pages of the work, they would receive 20/100 (number of their pages over number of total pages) of the royalty. The author would make .08 a sell in royalties.

Most publishing companies won’t touch works that are small. We embrace them.

Can you distribute the smaller works alone?

We can distribute the smaller works alone on our website, In order for the works to be sold in other areas, they must be bound in the anthology and sold as a package. If the work is sold alone, they author will receive the full royalty amount set for the anthology that it is in for their one work.

What is the expected timeline like?

You can expect a reply from us the second we receive your work. It takes us between one to two weeks to screen your work and then, the timeline varies. If it is a short work and if we have an open anthology project, we can work it in quicker than if we didn’t have a vacant position. If we it is a larger work that can stand alone, then it will take a bit more time. You can expect between one to three months after acceptance.

Why shouldn’t I self publish?

There are several for reasons. For one, it costs a lot of money. An ISBN plus the copyrights and distribution alone are going to run close to $600. On top of that, you have to pay for a professional editor, ($250) and get a book cover made ($100), and then pay to market it ($whatever you have left). Before marketing, you’ve already spent $950.

The second, it’s like playing blackjack. You’re going to win a couple of hands, but eventually, you’re going to lose. A self-published work is out on the market, usually in one location, by itself. There is no support for it to help it increase sells. It’s one author’s work, not a company’s list of works. You can’t piggyback off any others works and you can’t use other works to market yours. You’re all alone.

The final reason is because you won’t ever get to achieve a peace of mind. Knowing that your work is in the hands of capable professionals that know how to handle works (editing, marketing, and distributing) will help you sleep at night. We assure you that your work will be marketed and distributed.

You can place a work online. You don’t have to edit it and you can make a cheap cover yourself. You can place it up without an ISBN and other copyrights and take your chances, and you may sell a few works. I promise you, it will not be sustainable.

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