The Book Vault

June 29, 2014

Are you an already published author struggling to get your work seen by the masses?


Are you unpublished but curious about what opportunities we can offer you?


Are you self published and looking for more outlets to distribute your work?


We at Scribbcrib understand the issues that face new authors. We understand that not everything is as cut and dry as setting up an amazon page and waiting for potential customers to come by and look at your work. Publishing involves marketing, and without any knowledge of how to navigate the vast field of books that are out there now, it is easy for your work to get absolutely lost in the shuffle.


We’re here to help with this issue. We have devised a way, through months of research, to distribute works to a large audience without cost to them while still generating revenue for the authors. This system is the Book Vault, and it’s a mass distribution system where users read works inside of our mobile application and the ad revenue generated is paid to the author of the work. Also, there is an icon for users to purchase the work if they choose not to view it through the ads, so the author gains a lot of notoriety and the potential for sales.


This system will ultimately increase your audience, no matter if you’re published or not. Whether you’re in the proofreading phase or still making it through the initial first draft, it’s never too late to start thinking about marketing your work and the distribution channels you will be pursuing.





We can publish your work if its not published or we can simply distribute if you’re already published. For any information, you can contact us at [email protected]


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