A Thief in the Night

Shard is a young half-elf making her way through the world of Fallenkirk with the two skills she knows best: thievery and seduction. Charged with stealing a precious gem for her employer, Shard runs into unexpected trouble in the form of a handsome man and a promise of something more. Does she dare challenge him and give in to temptation, or find another way out of her plight before she ends up on the hangman’s noose? Author: Megan Sharpe Publisher: ScribbCrib Publishing Language: English Word Count: 5000 Preview A Thief in the Night   

The Land of Erinna

Driven underground by a poisoned sun, civilization is forced to adapt and thrive beneath the surface. Humanity tries to rebuild the society that was lost to the skies. Twelve years into their new lives, an outsider enters and places everyone in danger. Wielding a sword and leaving death in his wake, a militarized police force that protects this new civilization must rise up against this man. Who is he? Why is he here? And what does he plan to do next? Author: Alex Virault Publisher: ScribbCrib Publishing Language: English Word Count: 22000 Preview The Land of Erinna   

God is NoWHere: Before My Eyes

Questioning yourself and your faith just after your fly through your car windshield is probably not the best way to spend the last few minutes of your life. But here I am. My face flat against the ground in a puddle of muddy water, my hair damp from the rain pounding against the pavement, and my body steadily curling up as pain envelopes me. I’m not ready for this. No one is. I need to talk to my Mom before I go…I have to… God is NoWHere is a series of stories exploring man’s relationship to his/her religion. How faith can see us through the most dire of circumstances, and present us with new challenges that test our commitment to His word. Sometimes enlightenment can appear at the most unexpected times. Author: Leslie Hawkins Publisher: ScribbCrib Publishing Language: English Word Count: 6000 Preview Before My Eyes