Busy Week For Us All Here
ScribbCrib Blog / February 11, 2013

Hey Guys, I know it’s been a few weeks since I blogged on here, but just a heads up, I’m still here and alive and working very hard for you guys to get stuff up. The web store is SOOOOOO close to ready. We got the bugs worked out and we’ve got the first set of works ready to move out, we just need to put them together and it’ll be good times. Works should be released first part of this week with more works coming out every week from here on. SO, with that being said, I want to thank everyone who has been working on getting these works up. It’s been a long process but it’s almost done. VERSE is still be produced (I know, it’s been some time since we’ve discussed it, but we’re finally comfortable with how its put together). We will start getting paperwork out to the authors sometime this week (hopefully) so we can begin the process. Our social media is alive and kicking. You can follow us @scribbcrib or you can find us on facebook.