The Newsletter And What’s on the Horizon
ScribbCrib Blog / December 29, 2012

Good Evening Everyone! As the final days of 2012 come and go and we begin 2013, ScribbCrib is proud to announce several titles that will be up for view within the upcoming weeks. First off, we will be launching our newsletter which will include company information, previews and teasers for our future works, and information on what our current works our doing. It will also provide more information on the workings of our company as well as other great information on how your works is doing and how everything is coming together. Second off, hopefully with the help of the lawyers, we will begin launching our works on January 15. We’re very excited about The Spark. Currently, sitting at 12 authors, The Spark is an anthology devoted to our new authors and their smaller works. Going from genre to genre and centering on our authors talents, The Spark will allow readers to see how immensely talented our authors are and will hopefully become lifelong fans of their works. The second anthology we are releasing concurrently with The Spark is called Launch. Where The Spark is geared more toward shorter works with several authors, Launch consists of only three authors with…

The Publishing FAQ
ScribbCrib Blog / December 24, 2012

Over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve spoken to may creative individuals about their works. Many of them have all had a wide array of questions, though they all seem to find their way back to the central topic of publishing. Because of this, we felt it wise to add an F.A.Q. for the authors so that they can see what all is involved in this process, and not just tips to help them get published. We have absolutely no problem answering any more questions that come to us, but hopefully this will help make the process smoother. I hope to hear from all of you soon. CH

What We Are Really About
ScribbCrib Blog / December 17, 2012

BY Chris Hamby 12/17/12 Normally, I don’t like to blog on here about what’s going on in our personal affairs and how the business side is working out, but for some reason, tonight, I feel as if I need to let something out there. I’ve answered A LOT of emails today asking about a lot of business ideals, contracts, disclosures, royalties, etc. I don’t mind this and am more than willing to help. What bothers me though, is that as I’m discussing these things with the authors, it seems as if other companies make the above issues more of an issue, instead of just something to worry about later. When we came together, we decided on a principle. We are here for our authors, not for ourselves. We are in business, and it is a business, to help our authors succeed in a world that is not meant for fair play. We came together wanting to change the way things were done, change the way things were viewed, change the way publishers treat their authors. We realize that we are absolutely nothing without our authors, so taking care of them and ensuring a great experience, with lucrative royalties and good…

5 Tips for Authors to Get Published
ScribbCrib Blog / December 16, 2012

BY Chris Hamby 12/16/2012 After spending a lot of time getting to know authors over the past few weeks, several questions have come up regarding how the whole process works. One of the more common things is answering what kind of tips I have to offer authors who want to get published. Well, upon the request of the authors, as well as Daniel Hartmann, I have created a five tips page on the website in the Author section. Hopefully, this will allow some insight as to what we are looking for and what all publishers like to see.

The Spark
ScribbCrib Blog / December 12, 2012

BY Chris Hamby 12/12/12 Creativity is something that begins and ends with an idea. The idea, over the course of its lifetime, will evolve from many different forms to several outrageous things. There is no controlling this, only accepting that the idea will grow until it finally manifests itself into its final monstrosity. The Spark is the beginning of several authors careers with Scribbcrib. The Spark will be our first anthology released by Scribbles Media. It will consist of ALL new authors in their first work with us, all relatively short works geared at showing off all of our new author talents. We also have several larger works coming, all in the editing phase right now with several more in the works, all spanning different genres to bring the best in entertainment to your fingertips. We are working hard to ensure that our product meets your standards, and it all begins with The Spark.

Social Media Away!
ScribbCrib Blog / December 12, 2012

Hi Cribbers. Valerie here. We have been going crazy with getting everything up and running for you all to make submissions an easy process. The best way is to use our Contact Us form. But! We also have a Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, and Pintrest to name a few. Feel free to contact us through any of our social media. We typically respond within a day.  And any questions, shoot them out way! We are building this business for you, the creative world. We want to hear your thoughts.

We’re Growing Everyday
ScribbCrib Blog / December 5, 2012

BY Chris Hamby 12/5/12 Hey everyone. As the title says, we’re growing every day. More and more authors are seeing the light and are coming to join our cause, understanding the restraints that the big name publishers push on new authors. The way of the publishing world is changing and Scribbles Media is helping to lead the way. We are still on the search for the next generation of authors, artists, and other talented individuals. We have a great plethora of talent already and are eagerly anticipating more talent coming our way. This has been a short post, but soon, we will start displaying what talent is going to be released soon along with the alterations to this website. Thank you all for visiting, CH

We have Launched!
ScribbCrib Blog / December 1, 2012

BY Daniel Hartmann 12/1/2012 After a lot of hard work and sleepless nights, I am proud to announce that ScribbCrib has launched! To be honest, we actually launched last night at midnight eastern time, but I was so exhausted from the last minute work that I went to sleep right after the site was up. We still have many things we want to add to the site such as our membership system, independent works, and many more freebies, and that is just what we have planned for the next few weeks! Since this is my first blog post, I’ll also take this time to introduce myself. I’m Daniel Hartmann one of the Co-Founders of ScribbCrib and the unofficial suit of the group. This means that I’m the guy who ends up taking care of the so-called boring number and business stuff (I actually like it) that no one else wants to look at. As a result of me being buried in my excel sheets, you’ll probably be hearing less from me than the rest of the gang who have a more hands on approach to taking care of our customers and artists. However, today is a day to celebrate and…