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Chronicles of a Lesbian Bartender

$6.99 "A love story with a few twists, some major dysfunction, and a little spiritual growth for good measure.” Chronicles takes a look at relationships and kicks it into a new direction.

Crimes and Secrets of a Desperate Dad

$6.99 ‘Crime’s and Secrets of a Desperate Dad’ gives a message of pain, sorrow, and a chance at redemption all told through the words of Stephen Trantel, the Long Island Bank Robber.

Honeysuckle Bend

$7.99 A twist on the jailhouse story: Honeysuckle Bend mixes a heartwarming tale with a little bit of magic.

A Little Off The Top

$3.99 Clyde is not your typical hometown barber. He enjoys his work, has a collection of unique artifacts, and appreciates his customes a little too much. This twisted short script will make your head spin.